Thursday, January 15, 2009

CashCrate Tutorial and Tips

Important!!! Make sure your browser is accepting cookies (or else some survey offers won't credit)
-Go to the Tools menu, click on Internet Options.

-Select the Privacy Tab

-Click on the bar & slide it all the down, until it says Accept All Cookies.

-Then click on the Advanced button, make sure Override Automatic Cookie Handling is unchecked. Hit Ok.

-Hit Apply at the bottom & then click Ok & your done.

How to Complete a Research Survey ($0.75-$0.80 per Survey
*** For these surveys in order to get credit, when submitting an email address, use the same email you signed up with CashCrate- you will not get Spam/ Junk mail from these Companys.
-Start by going to the Members tab.
-Scroll down a bit & you should see three new tabs- Cash Offers, Point Offers & Research Surveys. Select Research Surveys & hit Go. You will then find several "Real" surveys you can complete everyday.

CashCrate also has Cash Offers worth spending time on-
The Process- How to Complete a Cash Offer
****Before you begin completing Cash Offers, make sure you have created a few new emails for the Junk Mail that will be coming from the Advertisers.

-Start by going to the Members tab. Scroll down to the offers & select one. The offers have been sorted by popularity of approval.
-Once you click on an offer, you will enter your email, & then your info(must be valid & true)
-Then if any pages pop up, leave them & go back to the original page. You will be viewing their ads, you can hit no/ yes or skip to move ahead.
-Once you reach a Thank you, your Info. has been submitted or a Congratulations(Silver/ Gold/ Platinum offers) page- you are done with the survey.

-Head back to CC offers page & hit Submit for the completed offer.

-Wait a few minutes & then close all windows & clear cookies (you should clear cookies after completing several surveys from different companys)

-Start another one ^_^

Tips :)
-Check out the Recently Approved Offers thread over at the Forum

-create new emails from Inbox, Gmail & etc. You don't want spam in your own email. For some offers with the same company to approve, you will need to use new email addresses once & a while.

-Download CCleaner: This will help clear your cookies after each survey more thoroughly & it takes less than a second.

-You can complete several Research Surveys every 24 hours (earn $0.75- $0.80 each)

-Try some of the Trial Offers if your interested, they have high payouts but do require a Credit Card.

***For additional help, leave me a comment
or head over to the forum- it can become a good resource of help to you.

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